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Tattoo aftercare

First and foremost, no two humans are the same and this goes for tattoos as well not all tattoos heal the same, this means not everyone is going to have the same instruction or same experience for the healing. Before and after your tattoo we will discuss what is going to work best for your healing journey. Here are some questions that are common questions during the healing process.

How Long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

On average it takes about 6-8 weeks (about 2 months). In some cases, it takes up to a full year for a tattoo to be fully healed.

Is it okay to get your tattoo wet?

It is okay to shower after your tattoos. Do not take baths or submerge your tattoo for extended periods of time.

Can I go swimming after getting tattooed?

You need to wait till your tattoo is fully healed to go swimming.

When should I start moisturizing?

Only moisturize when your tattoo is dry.

Wound care with Saniderm: Leave Saniderm on 1-5 days.

When it is time for Saniderm to be removed: wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and gently wash your tattoo with water and message off any extra fluid that has built up due the buildup fluids. Gently pat dry with a clean paper towel and let air dry

REMOVE SANIDERM EARLY IF: Redness devolves under or around the bandage, its overly hot to the touch, or if your Saniderm starts to leak.

Wound care without Saniderm- Remove your bandage in 3-6 hours. Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. Wash your tattoo with warm water. I gently pat dry with a clean paper towel.

Can I work out after getting tattooed? It is recommended not to work out, but this can vary depending on, location and scope of your fresh tattoo

Tips for long term tattoo care_

The better you take care of your tattoo the better your tattoo will look: use sunscreen when you’re exposed to long term sun exposure, SPF clothing is always a wonderful way to protect your tattoo. Use a daily moisturizer.

When should I start my tattoo aftercare: As soon as your tattoo session is over. This is especially important that you start paying attention to how your tattoo is healing, follow the wound care instructions and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me.