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Consultations Appointment

Consultation appointments range from one to two hours. It is imperative that you arrive on time for your appointment. Upon parking, please call or text 608-572-1900.

You may have a support person join – with the understanding that a consultation is between artist and client. If your guest is disruptive, they will be asked to wait outside of the studio. Your guest must also be 18 years of age or older.

During our consultation, we will do a skin assessment. Please wear clothing that can easily show the area of the body you would like to get tattooed.

Have a list of medication and supplements that you are taking—there are some medication and supplements that interfere with tattooing and are considered contraindications.

Reference photos are great but not necessary. If You have reference photos, please compile them to a photo album easily accessible at your appointment. Alternatively, you can also email them to: [email protected]

All deposits are due at the time of booking your tattoo appointment.


*Preparation for you tattoo session(s):* 

Hydration–Staying hydrated before, during and after the tattoos the tattoo procedure; 2-3 weeks prior to your tattoo appointment increase your water intake.

Do not get vaccinated 30-60 days (about 2 months) prior to your tattoo appointment.

Moisturizing, Exfoliation, Shaving — weeks prior start using a daily moisturizer. Within a week of your appointment use a gentle body scrub, exfoliation grove or loofa to help remove the dead skin. Do not worry about shaving the area you are getting tattooed. I will prep the tattoo area at our session.

Wear clothing that easily shows the area getting tattooed, dark colored and cozy clothing are always a bonus.

If you are experiencing symptoms illness you should not get tattooed– your immune symptoms is working hard to fight off the illness, getting a tattoo can put more stress on your immune system, this can potentially slow the healing process and can increase your risk of complications.

Contact me at the first sign of symptoms so a plan can be made.

Do not get vaccinated 30-60 days (about 2 months) prior to your tattoo appointment.

If you have reserved an injury prior to your appointment, contact me as soon as possible.

When pregnant or nurse you cannot get tattooed. If there is a chance of being pregnant let me know.

It is not recommended that you go on vacation with a fresh tattoo, if you have vacation plans bring those dates to your consultation appointment.

The nights prior your tattoo session, get a good night’s rest and do not use drug or alcohol, getting tattooed hungover is not fun! It will make the tattoo procedure dreadful and a bit more painful.

Depending on the duration of your tattoo session, bring drinks, snacks, and lunch. The studio has a fringe and microwave you can use.

Due to the nature of getting tattooed the time spent at the studio can be longer than planned. Please plan your day, accordingly, do not plan any appointment right after your tattoo session and have a back-up for childcare if needed.

Bring your own entertainment, headphones, books, iPad, tablet, laptops etc.

The day of your tattoo 

Please arrive on time for your tattoo appointment. If you are running late call 608-572-1900. If you have not contacted me and later than 20 minutes, it will be consisted a NO-CALL-NO-SHOW- With the likelihood of losing your appointment slot and your deposit.

You may bring one guest. This needed to be discussed and agreed upon before your appointment.

-guest must be 18+

-children are not allowed in the studio- it is not safe!

– If you show up with a guest and this was not discussed they will be asked to wait outside of the studio.

Shower prior to your tattoo appointment- Good personal care is always appreciated.

Wearing clothing that easily shows the area getting tattooed-dark colored and cozy clothing are always a bonus.

It is very important that you eat prior to your tattoo session- a balanced meal is recommended including carbs, protein, healthy fats and do not forget to hydrate.

Do not apply numbing products to the area getting tattooed, it can interfere with the tattoo procedure and result in not being able to get tattooed.

If under the influence of drugs or alcohol you cannot be tattooed, ITS NOT SAFE, NOT DO IT.